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Our retreat-based life design curriculum will help you achieve the change you are seeking...whether in your career,  your personal life, health, or another area. We blend instruction-facilitated small group work and one-on-one coaching to help you define your change goal and then design a path toward achieving it. 

Curiosity Co-op Co-founders

The Experience

Relax, Reassess, Redesign

Join us for an immersive retreat experience, where our expert executive coaches will help you understand and tackle whatever is preventing you from living your fullest life. You might feel ready to make a new health commitment and change certain lifestyle habits but not know where to start. You may envision yourself in a different job or life situation but be unsure how to get there. Or you might be feeling that your life has become dull and blunted, and seek to rediscover the joy in your daily purpose and day-to-day routine. We will help you explore what is most important to you right now…and how you can bring that into your life. 


Five pillars define our retreat experiences:


  1. Retreat: leave your home with its trappings and responsibilities to immerse yourself in the calm, beautiful surroundings of a pampering retreat. You’ll have time to relax, reflect, and begin a purposeful shift toward whatever is calling for change in your life.  

  2. Community of learning: engage in a 3-day proven curriculum, beginning with a critical assessment of where you are now including your current motivators. Clarify what you’d like to change or where you wish to be heading. Identify barriers which might be holding you back. Design your way toward that destination. 

  3. Guided exploration: one-on-one sessions with a certified executive coach who will help advance your discovery through inquiry-based exploration. Your coach will offer you a thinking partner to challenge your assumptions, reveal alternate perspectives, and help you define and achieve the shifts you’re seeking in your life.  

  4. Environment: draw on the quiet, restorative power of nature to help declutter your mind and make room for calm - a place where fresh thinking and insight can occur.

  5. Commitment: work with your retreat community and coach to define your commitments and a plan of action that you will carry with you when you re-enter your life at the end of the retreat. You may wish to continue working with your coach after the retreat is completed, to help reinforce your commitments and troubleshoot the challenges you face in your journey ahead.  

Rachel at Retreat

Meet Your Team

Rachel Headshot

Rachel Bishop, MD, MPH

Curiosity Co-op Co-founder
and Executive Coach

Rachel is a Georgetown University certified executive coach specializing in leadership coaching, transition management, and life design. She helps individuals and teams define and achieve their goals. 


Rachel is also a practicing physician and faculty member at Johns Hopkins University. Prior to becoming a coach, Rachel served 21 years in uniformed service in the U.S. Army and U.S. Public Health Service, including 14 years at the National Institutes of Health conducting clinical research and caring for patients. 


Rachel volunteers as a coach for The Honor Foundation, helping U.S. special operations forces transition to civilian careers. She holds degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She lives in Bethesda with her partner and their blended family. When life allows, you’ll find Rachel escaping to Vermont for quiet cabin time, runs in the woods with her dogs, and skiing.   

Noel Headshot

Noel Bulger

Curiosity Co-op Co-founder
and Executive Coach

Noel is a Georgetown University certified and ICF credentialed executive coach specializing in leadership development and team dynamics. Noel brings much of his coaching from his background in the military and entrepreneurial ventures.


After serving 9 years in the Marine Corps in combat, diplomatic and education roles he has been busy in the startup world working as a consultant, co-founder and mentor. Noel is a co-founder of Curiosity Co-Op, a retreat-based coaching and life-design program, founder of The Galánta Company, his leadership coaching practice, board member for The Compassionate Warrior Foundation, and a franchise business owner.


He is also involved with several social justice non-profit ventures such as ChangeLab Global and The Social Container. Noel holds university degrees & certifications from Stanford Graduate School of Business, Georgetown University, and Marine Corps University. Noel is married with one child.

Carmen Headshot

Carmen Suro-Bredie

Curiosity Co-op Executive Coach

Carmen received her Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching Program from Georgetown University. Until recently, she served as Senior International Advisor at the American Academy of Actuaries and fulfilled a similar function at the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), the U.S. regulator of auditors from 2011-2017.


Carmen served as the Assistant United States Trade Representative for Policy Coordination, Assistant USTR for Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa, and Assistant USTR for the Environment and Intellectual Property. Ms. Suro-Bredie’s career includes the negotiation of bilateral agreements with over thirty countries; she has led delegations to several international organizations. Carmen has been a guest lecturer at universities in Europe, the U.S., and Latin America. She taught negotiation and trade policy at the Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute. Carmen holds an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School (with second-year honors), a master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins University School for Advanced International Studies, and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Manhattanville College. She is married to a Dutchman and is the mother of two adult sons.



Noel and Rachel Coaching

The Curiosity Co-op retreat was an incredible opportunity to set aside three days to pause and focus on myself, while being supported, coached, and heard. The coaching team was phenomenal, with a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. I gained valuable insights from each of the three coaches and the other participants and walked away with a sense of confidence and clarity. As a military officer who will soon retire, I have major life changes coming up for which I now feel better prepared.

Abi D., Virginia


Where are you stuck?

Ask yourself:


Does part of your life feel a bit off track…as if the force that got you there isn’t in you anymore, and you’re going through the motions rather than being engaged?


Is there energy inside you that seeks to be expressed, but you don’t know how to let it out, or where it will fit into your life?


Do you feel ready to make a shift or change – in your work, your play, your relationships, or your health - but you’re not sure where or how to begin?


If you answered yes to any or all of these, we invite you to reach out to us. 


Complete the inquiry request to speak with Noel or Rachel about your goals, ask questions, and determine whether a retreat can help you begin to change something that matters to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the retreat?

Curiosity Co-op retreats are immersive, growth-oriented experiences! So come prepared to be internally curious, to think deeply, and be part of a warm community of people on a growth journey together, and you can expect to leave with greater awareness of yourself, your situation, and a clear plan for implementing your desired change. We do this by creating the space for you to step away from the distractions of everyday life, focus on yourself, and journey through a curriculum curated to your needs by your personal executive coach. We use a methodology blending a problem solving tool called Design Thinking with executive coaching methodologies to help you clearly articulate the change you want to make, expand beyond your current perceived options, and commit to a series of small, actionable steps to begin immediately. This process takes place in carefully selected, nature-based settings to provide the most conducive environment for immersion and learning.

What does the retreat expect from me?

Come prepared to share about yourself, your goals, and to open your mind to new ideas, new perspectives, and new possibilities. We will help you explore your motivations and question your assumptions. We invite you to approach this work with a playful spirit. The retreat involves a mix of personal work, work with your individual coach, and work in small groups. Sharing matters of personal importance can feel a bit intimidating at first. We assure you that the other participants you will get to know will not remain strangers for long. We are creating a community of individuals who are each striving to improve or change some significant aspect of their lives. Much of the power of our work together is the sharing and input you provide each other. By all stepping in with authenticity, and perhaps a bit of vulnerability, we each learn and grow from the experience.

How do I know if I should attend a Curiosity Co-op retreat?

This retreat is right for you if: - You want to get ‘unstuck’ and set goals for your life - You want to accelerate into the next iteration of you - You feel like your life or career is on autopilot, and want to challenge yourselves or break out of your comfort zone - You want to stop unhelpful habits or past patterns and replace them with productive alternatives - You desire a life with purpose and growth but do not know where to start - You feel confused about what a full life looks like and would like help to discover what would best serve you - You have an inner critic that keeps you from living your best life and you want to learn how to quiet that voice You know something is missing from your life and you want to figure out what that is and how to fill the void

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