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FAQs Continued

What is coaching?

  • Coaching is the process of working with a thought-partner to find answers to questions you’re wrestling with, or to design a plan for the change you’re seeking in life. Your coach challenges you to explore yourself and your situation - invoking curiosity and questioning assumptions that might be holding you back.

  • Coaching is different than consulting, in which the consultant provides answers to defined problems. Coaching operates from the belief that you hold the answers within yourself, and through inquiry by your coach, the possibilities can be explored and developed into a plan of action. 

  • Coaching is also different than therapy, which aims to help you understand, and often resolve, experiences in your past so that you are free to move forward. In contrast, coaching focuses on where you are now and where you hope to be, and then helps you design a path towards that goal. Coaching recognizes the importance of the past in shaping who you are today, but is “forward looking” in its goals.​

What is life design?

Life design is an approach to problem-solving that begins with exploring your individual motivations and clarifying your change goal. Possible actions toward achieving that change are considered, drawing on the collaborative creativity of fellow "design thinkers". This playful, creative process often uncovers new possibilities that only emerge after old assumptions are questioned and alternate perspectives considered. Finally, a plan of action is developed that includes small, manageable steps that can be started immediately. Merging life design methods with one-on-one coaching is the signature of Curiosity Co-op retreats.

Who is a good candidate for this retreat?

  • This retreat is designed for the person seeking to make some change in life - internal or external, big or small. Participants must be willing to explore themselves and their life situations through individual exercises, sharing with fellow participants in pairs or in small group sessions led by certified executive coaches, and during one-on-one coaching sessions. These activities help you clarify your insights and hone a plan of action. 

  • We’ve seen individuals benefit from retreats during many phases of life:

    • Early career: who am I and what am I looking to do in life?

    • Mid-career: how can I best adjust to life’s changes and new challenges? how do I balance my personal and work lives?

    • When facing a significant transition, such as between careers or to a “next-chapter”: who do I want to become and what do I wish to do now?

    • When facing a significant life challenge or loss of direction.

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What if I feel uncomfortable sharing personal information with strangers?

How many people take part in a retreat? How many coaches?

The number of participants is typically limited to about 16 for any given retreat. This size fosters an intimate and productive working environment. There is typically one certified coach for each 3-5 retreat participants, allowing for active, hands-on small group work facilitation as well as one-on-one coaching sessions for each participant during the retreat.     

What should I do to prepare for this retreat?

Spend some time thinking carefully about what is motivating you to participate in this retreat. Are you looking to make a change in your life, and if so, what sort of change? Are you seeking some direction in a certain area, and if so, in what area? Are you struggling with an important life decision, and if so, what type of decision? This will be your launching point when we begin our work together at the start of the retreat.

Is there a minimum age to participate?

Curiosity Co-op retreats are designed for adults, and tend to best serve those with some life experience. 

What are my options for lodging?

Reservations for lodging are made separately from retreat registration.  We provide a list of reputable establishments within a short drive; you are welcome to book at those sites or arrange to lodge elsewhere. Some retreats have on-site lodging available. Please check the details of your particular retreat. 

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I noticed outdoor time scheduled in the itinerary. What is the outdoor activity weather contingency plan?

Parts of our curriculum take place outdoors. In the event of inclement weather, we either move the activity indoors or shift the schedule to adapt to the weather.

What are the food arrangements for special dietary needs?

We make every effort to accommodate the dietary needs of retreat participants. Most meals are sourced from local restaurants. After registering, you will receive some additional information, including a request to inform us of any dietary restrictions or preferences. We are always available to discuss details.

What is the recommended dress code?

You should wear comfortable clothing and carry layers that will allow you to move from indoors to outdoors with ease. Portions of the agenda take place outside (weather allowing), including an evening  activity under the stars. We also engage in body movement activities during the course of the retreat to improve your focus and energy. Please dress comfortably! 

What safety measures are you taking in light of COVID?

Anyone exhibiting symptoms of a respiratory infection, or testing positive for COVID will not be allowed to participate in the retreat activities. Please refer to your particular retreat details for specific guidelines. 

What is your cancelation/refund policy?

Cancelation by a participant:

  • Up until 1 month prior to retreat start date:  full refund of the registration fee, minus a $250 service fee


  • From 1 month until 1 week prior to retreat start date: 50% refund of the registration fee, minus a $250 service fee


  • On or after 1 week prior to retreat start date: no refund available


  • Please see any additional details provided about specific retreats 

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 How can I get more information?

  • Reach out to Rachel via email at We’re excited to meet you.

  • Send us your questions or request a time to meet by phone or over Zoom to talk about whether one of our retreats will serve your needs. 

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