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Accommodations, Costs, and
Other Logistics
Greenlands Retreat, Ashland, VA


Retreat participants are responsible for arranging to lodge locally. The following two hotels meet our standards of hospitality, comfort in accommodations, convenience, and value. Both are located approximately 3 miles from the Greenlands Estate and each offers complimentary breakfast, free wifi, and contains a small fitness center.

1. Hampton Inn, 705 England St., Ashland, Virginia



2. Tru by Hilton, 101 North Carter Rd., Ashland, Virginia




Lunches and daytime refreshments are included in the retreat registration fee and are served onsite at Greenlands.


Retreat participants are responsible for the breakfast and dinner meals. We recommend booking at a hotel that serves breakfast onsite for convenience. The town of Ashland offers a variety of restaurants within minutes of the local hotels and Greenlands, including Mexican, Thai, Italian, and American cuisine.


Participants will receive additional retreat information after registering, including meal planning details. Participants will also complete a survey of any food restrictions, all of which we are happy to accommodate at Greenlands.

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Costs and Discounts

Total expenses to participate in a Greenlands retreat range from about $1750 to $2500, depending on individual choices. This includes registration, lodging, and food. 


  • Register by August 28th to receive the lowest ticket price. This may be combined with the "Retreat with a Friend" discount.

  • "Retreat with a Friend": enjoy a 20% discount on the registration fee if two or more participants register at the same time. Use discount code "RWF20" at checkout. The discount will apply to all members of the group.

  • Lodging expenses can be reduced by selecting less expensive accommodations and/or room-sharing with a friend. Motel 6    in Ashland is a comfortable, affordable alternative to the standard lodging options suggested above. 

  • Food expenses are estimated to total $75-$100 for the duration of the retreat. This includes three breakfasts (for those whose accommodations don’t offer complimentary breakfast) and three dinners. 

Ashland Train Station


Ashland, Virginia is located 90 miles south of Washington DC and 20 miles north of Richmond along the I-95 corridor.


Car: Typical driving time from Washington DC is ~1.5 hours but we suggest allowing 2 hours for possible traffic. The retreat start time avoids the morning commute hours and the end time on Sunday typically sees low travel volume on I-95. We advise participants consider using the paid “speed lanes” along I-95 when available.


Train: Amtrak serves Ashland’s historic train station, located in the heart of downtown. Travel time to Richmond by train is ~20 minutes, to Washington DC’s Union Station ~2 hours, to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station ~4 hours, and to New York’s Penn Station ~5 ½ - 6 hours. Tickets should be purchased directly from Amtrak. The train station is located approximately 1 mile from both the Hampton Inn and Tru by Hilton.


Air: Ashland is accessible by air via Richmond International Airport (RIC), approximately 30 miles away.


Uber and Lyft services are available in Ashland.

The Town of Ashland

Ashland, Virginia, was originally developed in the 1840s as a mineral springs resort and racetrack by the Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac Railroad, and was officially incorporated in1858. The town attracts visitors seeking a getaway from the city hustle. Attractions include the historic main street, lined with shops, restaurants, inns dating from the 1800's, a brewery, the historic Ashland Theater, and the campus of Randolph-Macon College. Nearby attractions include the Hanover Vegetable Farm and North Anna Battlefield Park. Visit the Ashland/Hanover Visitor’s Center located at the train station for more details.

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